Certified Pre-Owned 2018 AudiA4 Premium Sedan

  • VIN: WAUNNAF46JA022391
  • Stock: 26345
On The Lot
at Mohegan Lake Audi
Location Details
20,069 miles
Fuel Economy
24.0/33.0 mpg City/Hwy
Exterior Color
Interior Color
Sedan/5 seats
6 speed manual
quattro w/ultra all-wheel drive
2.0L 2.0-liter TFSI four-cylinder engine
Audi A4
  • Certified
  • Carfax One Owner

Highlighted Features

  • Leather upholstery
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Power moonroof
  • Wireless phone connectivity
  • Front dual zone A/C
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Speed sensitive wipers
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror

Detailed Specifications

Dealer Notes

You can buy this A-4 now...but you can't get it until Monday.... and please let me explain.
WE HAVE A 2018 AUDI A-4 6 SPEED STICK QUATTRO...you read that correctly a speed stick shift A-4 Quattro ... as rare as the New York Knicks having a winning season...actually as rare as the Knicks getting to the playoffs ... So yes WE HAVE A 6 SPEED 2018 QUATTRO.
This one of a kind vehicle was leased by our very own Bill Vangor... a legitimate Lutheran Minister who is in charge of our IT unit and Business Development Center.. Lovely guy... very smart and yes an actual minister and not from some match book internet seminary. So that's some of the background. Reverend Bill drives...no DROVE this 6 speed stick A-4 in Black (naturally...and as Steve Somers from WFAN would say..."what already... you were expecting him to drive a red Audi?) He drove this stick Audi..loved the car..promised to own it for ever until ..until he slips on a banana peel in the showroom and breaks his leg... OK.. so unfortunate..but the circumstances...well, Mohegan Lake Police are reviewing security tapes and it seems that Mr. Barry, our esteemed dealer principal was eating ...actually he was gorging himself on a turkey sandwich four inches thick...and just happened to have three bananas for desert... and one of those banana peels just happens to land on the showroom floor, seconds before Reverend Bill Vangor is running..yes running to perform the heimlich maneuver on Mr, Barry because he claims he is choking. Rev Bills goes flying up in the air..lands on his leg and SNAP....he's in a cast and can't drive a stick. And suddenly Mr. Barry spits out (as he claims a banana peel), as his alibi. No witnesses..just the tape...and it's very grainy because the video recorder is from 1962. After they take Rev. Bill to the hospital, Mr. Barry runs to his bedside with a liability waiver and an order form for a 2019 A-4 in Black with an AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Well Rev Bill is screaming from pain... they load him up with pain killers and he doesn't know that he just signed away his beloved stick A-4. Now that he's home recovering, Mr. Barry generously "lent" him, his very own new automatic A-4.... and no one has the heart to tell Reverend Bill that his A-4 is half way home to it's new owner... YOU!
Pretty unfortunate circumstances surrounding our obtaining this one of a kind, but as Mr. Barry likes to say, "Who gives.............." You get the gist.
So Brilliant Black with Black leather, convenience package, heated seats, Audi Beams and more. Just 20.yes only 20,000 miles....Audi Certified...as close to new as possible.
And as of this moment, there are exactly 2..yes 2 other 2018 A-4 Sticks available in country. This will be available on Monday, at $34,.995 with certification. That price is beyond firm ...and Mr. Barry wanted me to say that all of the profit from the sale of this A-4 will go to pay Rev Bill's hospital bill..... OK... that's a LIE! So the only two questions that remain are 1- Will the Mohegan Lake Police charge Mr. Barry with criminal intent to do bodily harm? and 2- who will be the lucky owner?
The answer to the first one, is that the Police are willing to have Mr. Barry plea bargain to driving while texting... a $150 fine and 2--- It could be and should be YOU!

KBB.com Consumer Reviews

Kelley Blue Book - KBB.com
Overall4.8Out of 5
  • Great dar overall

    By Ivan on Thursday, December 07, 2017

    After 7 years with bmw series 5 I decided to try audi, not before test drove almost every car brand in the segment. The ride is quiet and smooth, even at 180km/h. Great MPG. Very happy with the purchase
  • Early Owner Report

    By Fred on Thursday, December 08, 2016

    I've had this car for a month, and I can find no flaw. It is simply awesome. Very comfortable, smooth and quiet on one end, and a joy to drive on the other, depending on what mode you choose. It has a ton of tech, which is intimidating at first, but is soon found to be mostly intuitive, and none has malfunctioned. Dealership experience was excellent. I did a LOT of research prior to buying this car. When they upgraded the 2017 model I was instantly down for the count, but it took a few months to pull the trigger. My car is a heavily loaded Premium Plus, just shy of the Prestige at 49K. It's a lot of money for a car for me, but it's a lot of car for the money. I'm super impressed. Barring something unforeseen, I'll be passing this one to my wife in two years, and I'll lease a new Prestige.
  • Great entry level sedan

    By Nick on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

    I purchased this vehicle shortly after it began shipping to the US. I am very pleased with it so far, only a few small cons. Overall, the exterior styling is traditional but sharp and the LED lights help to accent. Inside, the cabin is well appointed - especially on Premium Plus and Prestige models with the upgraded tech package. Performance is good - especially on Quattro models. Sometimes the transmission exhibits a slight hesitation when starting from a stop and occasionally between 1st and second, especially when in slow traffic for long durations. I personally like how the car can wear many hats - business/professional, daily driver, and sport driver. Plenty of space in the front seats - easy to accommodate very tall people. Decent rear seat space given the front seats are not all the way back. Trunk will hold several large boxes or the typical items and golf clubs. Fuel economy is as estimated - even a little better in light traffic and highway driving sometimes. While the EPA estimates for the Premium Plus 2.0 T model is 24/31 MPG, I can get 31 on an around town trip with light traffic. I have gotten as much as 39 MPG on flat interstates when traveling less than 75 MPH. The only other drawbacks are the steering can be a little light in terms of feedback and the cupholders are slightly too far forward under the dash to accommodate very large or tall drinks. Overall, considering price, appearance and efficiency - this car is definitely at the top of its class. While this car has broad appeal - it is definitely a car for young professionals, especially in business and technology fields.

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