How We're Fighting The Spread of

It's up to all of us to do our part to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while helping you with the purchase and/or servicing of your Audi.

The video and Frequently Asked Questions on this page will walk you through the process of purchasing a car online from the comfort and safety of your home.

Covid-19 Sales Process FAQ

Can I buy or lease a car while the COVID-19 Non-Essential Businesses are shut down?

Yes you can. In fact back at the end of March Governor Cuomo deemed Sales being essential. The only difference now is everything has to be done remotely. So, the normal practice of coming to a dealership and looking at cars in the showroom, even just basic table negotiations, everything has to be done remotely now. That’s via email, text, phone, zoom conference like we are doing now, take your pick. But you can in fact lease, buy, finance, what ever you want to do.

Can I Test Drive A Car?

You can. Another one that does have to follow CDC guidelines. I can’t go in the car with you, nobody can go in the vehicle with you. We set up an appointment, we have the car cleaned down, disinfected and plated, so that you the customer can then take the car out for 15-20 minutes. We put the dealerships address into the navigation so you don’t get too lost if you are not from the area, but we are flexible so you can do test drives thankfully. Social distancing guidelines remain. Masks required and gloves highly recommended.

Do I need to come to the dealership to test drive the vehicle?

Yes in most cases you still will have to, only because it breaks the disinfection chain to actually test drive the vehicle. There are certain cases where we can drop the car off and have you test drive it from your home as well. But, for the most part, you are going to want to come to the dealership to actually drive the car with a plate on it.

Can all of the paper work be completed on-line or over the phone?

Yes, not only can it be, it has to be. Again as I stated earlier, we can’t have you in the showroom. We can’t do the normal paperwork back and forth at my desk. Everything gets done over the phone or through email or text. That’s all the way down from credit apps and getting approvals, insurance documents, registration for motor vehicle, everything can be done online.

Once I purchase or lease my new car can I have it delivered to my home or office?

Yes we can. That is something that is a little more easier to facilitate. It does break the disinfection chain once it comes off my detail line. Nobody else goes in it after that. I would have to be able to drive it to them obviously. As long as the customer is comfortable with that. Of course I am wearing a mask and gloves, again CDC guild lines. It is totally viable to have it delivered to their home or office.

I have a trade-in or my current lease is over can the vehicle be picked up from my home or office?

Yes. If you are going to be picking up the vehicle from us and you prefer the at home delivery option, of course we can drive back the trade in or the lease return, what ever it may be.