What is the Virtual Cockpit found in the Audi A3?

Any car that has weathered the market since 1966 is a vehicle that has successfully anticipated changes and adaptations. Often vehicle models die due to failure to adapt to new ideas and new social forces. The days when a car is only a method of transportation are gone. Vehicles today are expected to provide information to drivers to keep them and their passengers safe. The Audi A3 is one of the most durable names on the car market due to its ability to anticipate future needs.

The virtual cockpit found in the Audi A3 sedan is the most recent change…

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Powerful Audi Tech Specs

The new Audi S4 offers tech specs that not only make driving more fun, but they also make driving more functional. The new features offer you the opportunity to get more out of your drive, which makes your life a lot more comfortable.

The MMI navigation plus system not only provides you full access to Google Earth, it also provides 3D satellite imagery. Local traffic, weather, and flight information are all available with this feature. Using your voice, you can ask the car to tell you when your flight is departing, when the traffic is going to pick up, and…

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Audi S4 Takes Technology Innovation to the Next Level

Audi has developed an exceptional industry reputation for technology innovation thanks to the premium features showcased in all of its venerable vehicles. The Audi S4 is rolling into 2018 with a host of unique technology features designed to impress even the most discerning driver. This premium sport sedan boasts an available virtual cockpit with a fully digital 12.3-inch information cluster displaying pertinent data and communication tools. A standard smartphone interface offers both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as well as useful navigation services.



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Audi TT Coupe Performance Features

We at Mohegan Lake Audi are proud to feature the Audi TT Coupe as one of our most prominent popular sports coupes. With a wide variety of performance features, the TT Coupe is well-equipped to be able to adapt to many different weather conditions and driving styles.

The engine that powers the TT Coupe is a 2.0-liter four cylinder turbocharged engine. It is capable of providing an impressive 220 horsepower and 258 foot-pounds of torque. With these specs, the Audi TT Coupe is able to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 5.3 seconds. In order…

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The Audi A7 Combines Luxury and Technology

The Audi A7 remains one of the most popular luxury sedans available today. However, along with comfortable and elegant features, owners have access to a wealth of technology. The entertainment system in the A7 does so much more than play music. Turn your Audi into a Wi-Fi hotspot to get navigation and weather information. Call for help in an emergency and keep your vehicle secure.

Best of all, pertinent data is displayed right on the dashboard in front of the driver for added convenience. Cameras and sensors keep occupants safer while making driving less stressful. 

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Take a Closer Look at These Audi Q5 Performance Features

For those still on the hunt for the perfect luxury compact SUV, you might want to consider getting your hands on the all-new Audi Q5. Here are a few performance features that are really getting attention this year.

The Audi Q5 is going to keep drivers safer on the road due mostly to the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. It doesn't matter if the rain is falling or driving on icy roads, this system is designed to make sure all four tires are gripping the road surface and keeping you where you need to be. 

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The Signs of Brake Problems

Having brakes that are in optimum condition is vital for driving safety. If the brakes are not working correctly, then you can have problems slowing and stopping the vehicle in time to avoid collisions. Whenever the brakes are compromised, they can exhibit certain behaviors.

A brake pedal will feel firm when depressed if it is working as it should. However, if the pedal feels spongy or soft, that can mean there is something impeding the flow of the brake fluid through the brake lines. This can cause the brake pressure to be lower and not activate the calipers against the…

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How to Stay Safe When You Are Driving on Wet Roads

Staying safe when you are forced to drive on wet roads can be difficult for some. Today we discuss a few ways to stay safe on those wet roads.

One of the things you will need to start focusing on more when the roads are wet is being able to safely increase the distance between your car and the ones in front of you. Your tires need more time to grip the road when it is raining, so the more distance, the better.

If you are driving and it starts raining, the oil on the road surface will mix and…

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Learn More about the Carefully Designed Audi A5

The Audi A5 is a sought-after luxury coupe. This car is elegant and aerodynamic, with a unique aesthetic. The hood looks sporty and sleek. The coupe features a distinctive single frame grille and dual exhaust. The 2018 edition of the A5 incorporates LED head- and taillights. The S line package offers integrated front and rear bumpers, and honeycombs in the front and rear fenders.

The interior of the A5 was designed with a lot of care, too. The steering wheel is wrapped with leather for increased comfort. Paddle shifting is available. Other functions integrated into the steering wheel...

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Car Engines Overheat for Many Reasons

The salt air has done a number on your radiator. Corrosion set in. Coolant now leaks out of holes in the system. Installing a new radiator looks to be completely unavoidable. Welcome to the sometimes-surprising world of an overheated car engine.

All those parts of the coolant system can do their job well when properly maintained or free from any damage. Age, wear and tear, and other issues can and do damage parts in the system. Once these parts fail to do their duty, the overheating indicator on the driver's side dash may go well into the red.

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