The Audi SQ5 Features Drive Modes That Enhance Handling

Everyone has a unique driving style, which is why Audi engineers equipped the SQ5 with technology that changes handling on specific types of terrain. By using this technology, you can make adjustments to conserve gas on long highways or make modifications to travel more confidently throughout off-road environments.

Audi Drive Select gives you opportunities to make changes based on your habits and driving conditions. The main interface is easy to use as all of the available drive options are neatly arranged in a row on a touch screen panel. After you select a mode, the hardware immediately modifies key steering functions that influence handling. The system has Dynamic mode, Comfort mode, an Efficiency option, and more.

If you want to use a few of the driving modes before buying an Audi SQ5, you can accomplish this during a test drive. You'll have an opportunity to test drive an SQ5 while visiting Mohegan Lake Audi, and you'll have a chance to gather helpful information about performance perks as well.



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