The A3 Has Numerous Design and Comfort Features

The A3 Sportback is an appealing automobile because it has stylish interior and exterior features. If you visit Mohegan Lake Audi, you can examine many of the features that make this particular automobile a classy ride.

When the A3 travels on the highway, its 18-inch wheels stand out. All four wheels command attention as they have a multi-spoke design. In the cabin, there are more designer elements, such as various leather trims and seats. The big benefit is that the front seats have plush leather upholstery and convenient power hardware. By using the controls, you can make adjustments to support your spine. Thanks to the setup, you can easily find a position that's comfortable. Each seat adjusts eight ways, and the lumbar portion moves four ways.

These are just some of the features that make the A3 a standout automobile. If you select the sport package, you'll get shift paddles, advanced steering hardware, and more.



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