Audi S3 Performance Features Are Competitive

Before getting into the competitive performance features, it should be noted that the Audi S3 has been given five stars for its safety capability, which was handed down by the NHTSA, which is an unbiased organization that looks out for the safety of all people while on the road.

The Audi S3 has four cylinders and 280 pound-feet torque. It is also one of the fastest cars on the road because it can rise in speed so rapidly and smoothly. The navigation for the Audi S3 is right in front of the steering wheeling, which will help drivers keep their eyes focused on the road even more.

Experiencing how safe the Audi S3 is and its performance features is not a difficult thing at all. You can come and visit us at Mohegan Lake Audi, and we will be happy to take you for a test drive. We are located in Mohegan Lake, NY.



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