Car Engines Overheat for Many Reasons

The salt air has done a number on your radiator. Corrosion set in. Coolant now leaks out of holes in the system. Installing a new radiator looks to be completely unavoidable. Welcome to the sometimes-surprising world of an overheated car engine.

All those parts of the coolant system can do their job well when properly maintained or free from any damage. Age, wear and tear, and other issues can and do damage parts in the system. Once these parts fail to do their duty, the overheating indicator on the driver's side dash may go well into the red. Replacing damaged parts becomes a major priority when an engine overheats.

Don't dismiss problems with coolant levels though. The basic maintenance duty of checking coolant levels at regular intervals cuts down on the chances of an engine overheating. Once coolant levels drop, putting them back to the right amount must become a priority.

Driving becomes a lot easier when you don't worry about an overheated engine. If you have any concerns, bring your car over to our service center at Mohegan Lake Audi and let us check it out.

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