The Signs of Brake Problems

Having brakes that are in optimum condition is vital for driving safety. If the brakes are not working correctly, then you can have problems slowing and stopping the vehicle in time to avoid collisions. Whenever the brakes are compromised, they can exhibit certain behaviors.

A brake pedal will feel firm when depressed if it is working as it should. However, if the pedal feels spongy or soft, that can mean there is something impeding the flow of the brake fluid through the brake lines. This can cause the brake pressure to be lower and not activate the calipers against the wheel rotors effectively. A common cause of a soft pedal is air in the brake lines, followed by either damaged brake lines or worn calipers or rotors.

If you are noticing problems when you brake, then bring your vehicle in to Mohegan Lake Audi for us to check. Our trained technicians will examine your braking system thoroughly, and they can also perform any other automotive services you would like.



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