How to Stay Safe When You Are Driving on Wet Roads

Staying safe when you are forced to drive on wet roads can be difficult for some. Today we discuss a few ways to stay safe on those wet roads.

One of the things you will need to start focusing on more when the roads are wet is being able to safely increase the distance between your car and the ones in front of you. Your tires need more time to grip the road when it is raining, so the more distance, the better.

If you are driving and it starts raining, the oil on the road surface will mix and make the surface slick. If you start sliding, resist that urge you have to slam on your brakes. The best thing to do is simply steer into the slide and wait for the tires to bite on the road again.

Bringing your vehicle to Mohegan Lake Audi will give our team the chance to inspect the tire treads for issues too.



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