The Audi A7 Combines Luxury and Technology

The Audi A7 remains one of the most popular luxury sedans available today. However, along with comfortable and elegant features, owners have access to a wealth of technology. The entertainment system in the A7 does so much more than play music. Turn your Audi into a Wi-Fi hotspot to get navigation and weather information. Call for help in an emergency and keep your vehicle secure.

Best of all, pertinent data is displayed right on the dashboard in front of the driver for added convenience. Cameras and sensors keep occupants safer while making driving less stressful. Innovations in cruise control enable the vehicle to automatically monitor and adjust the A7's speed based on traffic conditions. Drivers are also instantly alerted when venturing into the wrong lane or when obstacles pose a collision threat on any side of the vehicle. See the Audi A7 up close and personal at Mohegan Lake Audi.



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