Alignments Are Nothing to Brush off

Each year in the United States, thousands of auto accidents occur as a result of people driving vehicles with faulty equipment. Many of these accidents are a direct result of bad or failing steering components. One of the best indicators that your vehicle may be experiencing failing steering components is when the wheels begin falling out of alignment.

Catastrophic part failure are a very real risk of driving a car with bad alignment. As parts, such as tie rod ends, ball bearings and control arm bushings, begin to fail, they put even more stress on the surrounding parts, leading them to wear out faster. Eventually, the weakest link in the chain of steering components breaks, causing everything from wheels locking to total loss of directional control.

Maintaining your vehicle’s alignment is one of the most important ways to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle. If your car is out of alignment, come in and visit Mohegan Lake Audi in Mohegan Lake, NY today.

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