What to Know about Mufflers and Exhaust?

Our team at Mohegan Lake Audi is eager to inform you about the exhaust system on your vehicle, which is likely to be much more complex than you consider. Far from simply muffling sound, the exhaust is responsible for the management of the fumes created by the engine’s air and fuel mixture. It maintains proper levels before emitting them into the atmosphere.

The exhaust meets the manifold at the engine cylinders. At that point, the mixture is collected into a single pipe where it travels first to the oxygen sensor. There it’s analyzed, and if safe to move on, passes through the catalytic converter. The converter further traps any other harmful emissions before the muffler receives them. The muffler then muffles the sound before it escapes through the vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

A vehicle that’s sluggish might indicate that service is required. When you’re in the local Mohegan Lake, NY area, bring it to our service center and let one of our knowledgeable service members take a look at it.

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